Monday, April 26, 2010

Icon Nightlight

A spontaneous lurid journey into the heart of allegorical pop art, envisioning a past, present and future that will irrevocably never make much sense. Where are we going? To the sea kind sir, to the sea...For those of you who couldn't be there in person, feast on this...

Monday, April 19, 2010

What is the color of Life?

So this picture is an actual picture I took of an apartment we were looking at, yes an actual real life depiction of the "fun" of apartment hunting. It is also a metaphorical representation of the state in which my life is in right now. Last time I checked I decided to change the color paint on the walls in my head. What color shall it be this time Shells? about a nice mauve or something with a Home Depot paint name like "island beach wave" or "Kentucky Derby horse brown", still debating, let y'all know when the swatches come in.

Where are we all headed? I suppose the weather is getting warmer again and the kids painted a nice mural down the street.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Slaughter and Shuffling

So yesterday morning as I was drinking my damn fine coffee I was watching THE DARK KNIGHT again. Highly recommend watching the joker in the morning by the way, opens up your whole perspective for the day. There are probably a million of y'all who saw this a while ago, but it wasn't until that morning that I noticed what was written on the side of the truck that the joker is in. Maybe insignificant to some, I enjoyed it immensely. As a lot of you know, I have the awe of a two year old.

In other news I had a nice long walk around different variations in the "borough", finally started working on a portfolio that I have had planned for a while, very exciting to have a viable working camera at my disposal now. Hung out with fly Miz Lopez in da hood and had a great 2am train journey back. The subway at 2am can be an amusing place if you are in the right state of mind. So many drunk or sketchy people or drunk sketchy people. My ride was a mixture of greatness from the "perfect ipod shuffle", which I will touch back on and fear from the creepy guy with the suit and giant umbrella following me for a while, sitting near me and staring at me for the whole ride. Back to the "perfect shuffle", so a long time ago before I had an ipod (a few months ago) I was against the shuffle setting, thinking pretentiously that it tainted the way in which you should listen to music. Gradually I started coming around and now I have come to terms with it on many levels. I have a shuffle philosophy that I am sure some of you can relate to. There are mainly three types of shuffles:

1) The shuffle that is mediocre and after a few songs is mainly used for the purpose of hitting that one song that makes you realize what you should be listening to, and you switch to that album.
2) The shuffle that is pretty damn horrible and makes you wonder whether you should even be listening to an ipod and not reading a book.
3) Then last but not least there is what I call "the perfect shuffle", this consists of an ingenious mix of songs that just make 'sense' to you at that moment. Some songs are similar and some are polar opposites but you never feel the need to skip any and it is as if the ipod is implanted in your brain sensing songs that your not even aware of needing to hear. There are also the moments during "the perfect shuffle" in which you are thinking of a particular song in your head as the last song is ending and that exact song comes on next, a magical moment in the context of the 2am train ride to OZ

Thanks for reading my psycho babble, stay tuned for more rantings by the sea...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost Library Shoes and SILENT LIGHT

So howdy, y'all got your wish. Miz Shelly Sarah has a blog now, throwing my thoughts into the ether so beware. It is a glorious 85 degrees outside in my village and the library is about to close its doors for the day. Couldn't sleep because I have insomnia or I just go to bed late and wake up early, however you want to look at it, anyhoo I was waking from my beauty sleep this morning and popped my latest library rental into the DVD player. A little film with a big beautiful heart called SILENT LIGHT. I was literally blown away, out of the water, socks blown off, heart a flutter at the beauty and truthful everlasting spirit within this magical picture. I am going to leave y'all with that for the time being because I must be parting soon, but don't fear because there is no sorrow in this parting, only sweet. Will be back folks with a longer detailed full of frivolous adjectives explanation about SILENT LIGHT.

Another lighter story for your reading pleasure(my pleasure is my business or is it my business is my pleasure?). During my stay in the library this afternoon, the lovely lady sitting across from me lost her shoe. I know what your thinking, how does one lose a shoe? She was on the premises since the beginning of the day and claims she never left the desk. Her shoes were under the desk, not on her feet that is. Around when I arrived she started looking for something and eventually asked me if I had seen a shoe. If she didn't move how did her shoe disappear and only one at that? The mystery has been on since I got here, then a man who I later found out was cop sat next to me with his laptop and we were all looking for her shoe. Later me and the cop were lightly joking about putting out a missing shoe report and putting a detective on it, no worries she had a good sense of humor about it. Then the cop put the whole library staff on the hunt for the shoe but no luck. I felt so helpless, I wish I could have done something, but now the library is closing. At least she got a hold of someone to bring her another pair of shoes that just walked in. Oh where did the shoe go, please be on the look out for a black slip on woman's shoe with a black bow, it might need food and shelter.