Friday, September 17, 2010

Hall and Oates - Private Eyes

Do the Hustle

Oh the shore, how I love the calming ebb and flow of the sea's whispers and secrets from the deep that have come to the shimmering surface. Strange how my vacation from Facebook and my constant hustle for jobs and places to live while working a full time job and not sleeping has made other things become as clear as a new underwater natural spring bounding from the murky muddy brackish bottom. Yes my friends and foe alike I have decided to stick it out in this crazy crazy crazy mixed up city, after all I have given so much to this place that it owes me a lot sooner or later, hopefully sooner, and it is the longest running dysfunctional relationship I am still in so I miles well let it run its course so to speak. Listening to Hall & Oates and Bob Seger lately for some unknown reason. I will be successful at any rate hopefully the rate will pick up a bit. Worse case, I suppose I could get paid to dance to "Private Eyes" in front of elderly men.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Modus Operandi

Hey there folks, I am just recovering from a lethal cold sinus monstrosity so I apologize for the small lapse of time that has taken it's place among the time space portal of molecular reality. I recently attended a screening of the new but old exploitation style film "Modus Operandi" created by a new director on the scene with a name that fits his scrupulous raunch-esque vision of hallucinatory plot variation, lots of babelicious action, and gore that looks like a fun house sexual hilarious candyland ride through a violent techno rainbow; Mister Frankie Latina. I have to admit that I didn't expect a whole lot, being more of a fan of the original grindhouse films and only half enjoying the other remakes. Just looking for a good time late at night that was still safe and objectifying, and I was delighted to view the grand orgy of objectification up on the screen rather than in my own personal objective social reality. Kudos to Sasha Grey(who I have always loved anyway) for presenting the film so it can get more exposure.

Four years in the making and filmed on Super 8, the film is comical but the way it is shot and edited lives up to the filmmakers degree of attention to deal and overall coolness that seeps through every "scene" or vignette that displays the characters like a sadistic colorful lollipop that I want to lick over and over again until my tongue fills rough and my sweet pleasure is full-filled. Although this film exudes 70's era style, I feel that it is also experimental and original in the way that Frankie designs the places and dialog, as well as an entirely original soundtrack that is amazing and most of the songs sound as if they have been hits for the last few decades. All filmmakers mimic to a certain degree whether they think they do or not, but it is the way in which you put your own magical collage of stylistic energy into what you create that makes you stand out among the never ending ebb and flow that takes place behind the theatrical cinematic creation. I thought that the Super 8 portrayed this film perfectly, and I am ecstatic knowing that in an age of over stimulated fancy HD, and high tech equipment, there is still a very real need for film and Super 8 film at that. Some people ask me what experimental or Avant-garde film means and I have a very clear answer in the depths of my mind but some how I can never clearly convey it out loud. There are others who want to know if it is the way the film is created technically or as an object, or if it is the subjective aspects within the film. It can be both or one or the other, which is a very open ended answer, but I think that we are actually entering a very good era for experimental art house filmmakers because I believe that the high rate in which technology is advancing gives artists either more tools in which to magical penetrate the dense dreams inside their being than ever before and at the same time it is also a good reason to use the old tools such as Super 8, 16mm and VHS because it stands on it's own more now then it ever did before and there is one thing us experimental filmmakers are good at and it is standing on our own.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Social Network- Hello World

For the few souls who read this blog, I have recently committed Facebook suicide. I have been known to do this before for only a day or so, this time it is for an extended period of time, I never say forever, or maybe I never say never, who knows. Might not be able to put into words why I must release Facebook from my life at this juncture, but it must be done. My life needs sorting and I also feel a strange weightless departure from the "grand" social network. You want to reach me, pick up a phone or send me an e-mail or even a carrier pigeon and if your really hard up, you can check this blog from time to time, which I will be using more often now to update my fantastical adventures in the city and my cinematic rantings.

Be back real soon, and if you have any paid film work, please pass it on, because I would like to be doing something like that considering I went to school for that, but for now I will make coffee and smiles...