Friday, December 17, 2010

Techno TRON ic

Today I walked out of my Building and was approached by the Super who thought he had a package for me, but he had mistaken me for someone else. Then he asked me where I lived and said "Oh so you live with her, you are her latest victim, I won't even get started about that." I nodded and laughed awkwardly and said "Happy Holidays", not even sure why I said that. I started to walk away and he stopped me again to say "Oh and tell your roommate that the man below you died last night." End Scene. That is how my day started today, so it can only get better from there right? Riiight? Guess it adds to all the other fun things in my life, like the men who like to phone stalk me even when months go by in between.

Highlights have been getting paid to get film for Jem before his trip and helping him shoot the last of the Super 8 Kodachrome in Chinatown, helping out College Humor, viewing 'Black Swan' with the expressions on Jeff's face and 'Girlstories' night at Millennium, and getting food with Paul and Caleb, which is always an interesting experience. Future insights include getting a much better full time job that has something to do with images of some kind that move on a screen or they can be still as a stone resting on a deserted dirt road leading to a life of distant drum beats beyond the horizon of the human spirit.

Future endeavors 'might' include a secret video self portrait of moi, chance encounters with people that I actually want to run into, organizing my room, listening to Duchess Says and James Taylor back to back, going to IFC at midnight to see Purple Rain and maybe the movie too, molesting Lauren at her X-mas party, eating Nutella on a croissant(oh already did that last night, oops) working on the feature script with Sam...that's right Sam, checking myself without wrecking myself and watching the sequel to Tron(Daft Punk soundtrack, YES!)...

See y'all where the moon rises and the sun sets beyond the horizon and down by the shore. Wash the waves over your soulful pliable existence. Wooooooooosh

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